Collage artist, illustrator and cynic, Mr. Marbles is an artist with a genuine disdain for the absurdity of modern living. Finding the world around him increasingly surreal, he seeks to convey its madness through his work. 

Methods of working are influenced by Peter Blake and Richard Hamilton, with an ethos heavily rooted in the Atelier Populaire movement, as well as punk ideology.

Primarily working in collage, Mr. Marbles uses everything from old National Geographic's to vintage porn magazines in his work, providing they are in good order and free of stains.

He has absolutely fuck all formal training, only a degree in a subject he absolutely abhors and has no interest in ever pursuing again. Mr. Marbles seeks to make people smile, get angry and take action  through his work, as well as draw light on the absolute cluster-fuck society has become, and the attention to those who have created it.

Mr. Marbles' identity is a closely guarded secret.