Solo Show - 'Turn and Face The Strange

I've gone and got myself a solo show, which is nice. I say 'I' got it, it wasn't me. It was a lovely lady in Canada. That's where the show is, see.

They even designed me a poster, which was good of them.

They even designed me a poster, which was good of them.

The show comprises of a series of minimalist collages exploring how people deal with the surreal situations they find themselves in. It's quite relevant to today, I think. Imagine ten years ago telling someone the leader of the free world would be a bloated reality TV star, or that The UK would leave the EU at arguably its most unstable time since the war. Comprehend what you'd think if a few years back someone would tell you that 1% of the global population has more wealth than the other 99% combined, or the British Government is being propped up by creationist terrorists. How would you react if you saw a live debate in parliament where a bunch of slags voted to indiscriminately bomb a country, killing children, as a solution to combatting home-grown terrorists? Yes. It is a truly horrific and bizarre time to be alive.

I am interested to see how people react; be it apathy, anger, proactivity, acceptance, or protest. For me, a giant floating red ball is about as easy to imagine as Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, or a bomb going off at a concert attended by kids is as unfathomable to me as a massive geometric triangle that obscures everything. Do we fight against it, or accept it as part of modern living? Working around it so as not to cause a fuss?

The show is on at The Green Room at eBar until July 8th.